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Introduction and Role of Science MCQ: 6 days ago

Which is the highest mountain in the world?

A: K_2
B: Nanga Parbat
C: Everest
D: Siachen
Answer: C
Punjab -> 9th Class -> General Science -> Introduction and Role of Science bilaljani

The day the dam broke MCQ: 1 week ago

The day the dam broke is written by :

A: James jacken
B: Bruttand Russel
C: W.shakespear
D: James Thurber
Answer: D
Sindh -> 12th Class -> English -> The day the dam broke junaidrajper

Nuclear Physics MCQ: 1 week ago

At which angle projectile is maximum

A: 40
B: 43
C: 45
D: 46
Answer: C
Graduation Entry Tests -> MCAT -> Physics -> Nuclear Physics pomikhan

Islamic Studies MCQ: 1 month ago

In which surah mentioned incident of hazrat suleman and Hood hood?

A: Surah Al naml
B: Surah Al imran
C: Surah toba
D: Surah kahf
Answer: A
Islamic Studies nayyarabbas

General Knowledge MCQ: 1 month ago

Houston and Delaware canals are present in the country?

A: Australia
B: Canada
C: France
Answer: C
General Knowledge Abdul Manan

Ecosystem MCQ: 1 month ago

A organisms which kill and consume their prey are called?

A: Phatophagous
B: Carnivours
C: Polyphagous
D: Predator
Answer: D
Balochistan -> 12th Class -> Biology -> Ecosystem Nasir Shah

Islamic Studies MCQ: 1 month ago

Gap between fisrt and second wahi

A: 2 year
B: 2 year and 6th month
C: 3 year
D: None of the above
Answer: B
Islamic Studies salmanblogs

MCQ: 2 months ago

The wall of 5he trachea (windpipe) and bronchi of man is furnished with a series of incomplete

A: Cartilage plates
B: Chitinous rings
C: Cartilaginous rings
D: Muscular rings
Answer: A
 ->  ->  -> our-wonderful-nature

General Science MCQ: 2 months ago

phosphorus helps plant growth of:

A: Leaves
B: Seeds
C: Roots
D: none of these
Answer: C
General Science Najeebullah

General Knowledge MCQ: 2 months ago

On July 2021 in which country impose martial law by killing of president

A: Mali
B: Lativa
C: Hati
D: Sudan
Answer: C
General Knowledge aliraza gurmani