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MCQ: 21 hours ago

Sindh -> 9th Class -> Computer Science -> Shayan

Environmental Chemistry MCQ: 4 days ago

Which soil Has A highest water Holding Capcity

A: Road side soil
B: Forest soil
C: Desert soil
D: play Ground soil
Answer: B
Balochistan -> 12th Class -> Chemistry -> Environmental Chemistry mohsinbudh

Pakistan Studies MCQ: 1 week ago

Kirtar rang is

A: 3444 m
B: 2174 m
C: 578m
D: 2164m
Answer: B
Pakistan Studies shayanjhangeer

Pakistan Studies MCQ: 3 weeks ago

The average height of kirthar range________

A: 2,895m/9,498feet
B: 2,100m/9,400feet
C: 2,110m/9,410feet
D: 2,120m/9,450feet
Answer: A
Pakistan Studies Abdul Ghani Narejo

General Science MCQ: 1 month ago

When both the organisms are benefits from the interactions, it is called as

A: Commensalism
B: Parasitism
C: Mutualism
D: N.O.T
Answer: C
General Science adil-sphysics

Nuclear Physics MCQ: 1 month ago

How is this question?

A: Good
B: Better
C: Best
D: None
Answer: D
Graduation Entry Tests -> MCAT -> Physics -> Nuclear Physics Gul Khan

MCQ: 1 month ago

Comparative politics focus on:

A: Themes
B: Regions
C: Countries
D: All of these
Answer: D
 ->  ->  -> shahg

General Science MCQ: 2 months ago

second most best conductor of electricity is called

A: Silver
B: Copper
C: Iron
D: Diamond
Answer: A
General Science abdulrasheed

Number System MCQ: 2 months ago

Find probability of tail when a coin is tossed?

A: 0
B: 0.5
C: 1
D: 1.5
Answer: B
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT -> Mathematics -> Number System mohammadmunib

Introduction and Role of Science MCQ: 2 months ago

Which is the highest mountain in the world?

A: K_2
B: Nanga Parbat
C: Everest
D: Siachen
Answer: C
Punjab -> 9th Class -> General Science -> Introduction and Role of Science bilaljani