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Number System MCQ: 8 hours ago


A: Y
B: U
C: I
D: Yj
Answer: A
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT -> Mathematics -> Number System Taha

Equilibrium MCQ: 1 day ago

In a photographic camera , a convex lens is used because it

A: Produces a real and small image
B: gives virtual image
C: produces an enlarged image
D: Forms an image equal in size to the object
Answer: A
Sindh -> 10th Class -> Physics -> Equilibrium Maham shah

Partial Fractions MCQ: 1 day ago

(〖2y〗^4- 〖3y〗^3-4y)/(〖(y^(2+) 2)〗^2 〖(y+1)〗^2 )

A: non-repeated linear factors
B: repeated linear factors
C: non-repeated irreducible quadratic factors
D: repeated irreducible quadratic factors
Answer: D
Federal -> 11th Class -> Math -> Partial Fractions Nuzhat Rehman

MCQ: 3 days ago

Senior Ppp leader and senator Rehman Malik passed away ?

A: 23 Feb 2022
B: 25 Feb 2022
C: 26 Feb 2022
D: 20 Feb 2022
Answer: A
Central Superior Services (CSS) ->  ->  -> imran-alikanrani

Environmental Chemistry MCQ: 5 days ago

The elements of the group IIA are called

A: A Metals
B: B No n-metals
C: C Alkaline earth metals
D: Non of them
Answer: B
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT -> Chemistry -> Environmental Chemistry safdarhussain

Environmental Chemistry MCQ: 5 days ago

_____ ion has twh the largest radius

A: A Al+3
B: B Cr
C: D F
D: D O
Answer: B
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT -> Chemistry -> Environmental Chemistry safdarhussain

MCQ: 1 week ago

casabianca was a son of

A: leader
B: cheiftain
C: butcher
D: lawyer
Answer: B
 ->  ->  -> nasarkhan

General Science MCQ: 1 week ago

Zygote is the combination of two cell:

A: Sperm bacteria
B: Eggs and bacteria
C: Sperm and egg
D: Sperm
Answer: C
General Science Ranjeet

Electrostatics MCQ: 1 week ago

The concept of electric field was introduced by

A: Coulomb
B: Faradey
C: Gauss
D: Ampere
Answer: B
Balochistan -> 12th Class -> Physics -> Electrostatics Bilal

MCQ: 2 weeks ago

White plastids are called

A: Leucoplast
B: Cheromoplast
C: Chloroplasts
D: Al of them
Answer: A
 ->  ->  -> habibbalouch