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White plastids are called

A: Leucoplast
B: Cheromoplast
C: Chloroplasts
D: Al of them
Answer: A
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Who was first appointed Nazim of Nadva-ul-ulema in 1883

A: Maulana Shibli
B: Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor
C: Maulana Syed Muhammad Ali
D: None of these
Answer: A
General Knowledge Tania


World Happiness Index was first time published in year

A: 2009
B: 2010
C: 2012
D: 2013
Answer: C
General Knowledge Alina


International Joke Day is celebrated in the world on __________?

A: 1st April
B: 1st May
C: 1st June
D: 1st July
Answer: D
General Knowledge Hizbullah


Progressivism believes that children learn in a/an

A: Community
B: Competition
C: Isolation
D: Closed environment
Answer: A


Which of the following oil refinery has the largest operating capacity in Pakistan

A: Attock Oil Refinery
B: Pak-Arab Oil Refinery
C: National Oil Refinery
D: None of the above
Answer: B
Pakistan Studies Tania


When the heavier particles of sand or dust settle down at the bottom of container, this process is known as:

A: Evaporation
B: Filtration
C: Decantation
D: Sedimentation
Answer: D
General Science Muhammad Rizwan


Identify the second highest Glacier of the world

A: Baltora Glacier
B: Batura Glacier
C: Siachin Glacier
D: None of them
Answer: C
Pakistan Studies Alina


First acting Governor General of Pak:

A: Major General Sikandar Mirza
B: Khuwaja Nazim u Din
C: Liaqat Ali Khan
D: None of these
Answer: A
Pakistan Studies Hizbullah


As people grow older, the __________ of learning declines

A: Quantity
B: Quality
C: Power
D: Speed
Answer: D
Pedagogy Tania


Decomposers help in

A: breaking dead waste
B: recycle nutrients
C: spreading decayboth
D: Both a and b
Answer: D
General Science Muhammad Idrees