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Pakistan got status of Test cricket in:

A: 1952
B: 1962
C: 1964
D: None of these
Answer: A
Pakistan Studies Hizbullah


Quaid-e-Azam called Islam "Our bedrock and sheet anchor" while addressing

A: Punjab Students Federation
B: Muslim Students Peshawar
C: Indian Muslims
D: None of these
Answer: A
Pakistan Studies Tania


The Quaid-e-Azam stayed during his last illness in 1948 in

A: Quetta
B: Ziarat
C: Makran
D: Sibi
Answer: B
Pakistan Studies Tania


Surah Tauba the only Surah Which does not start with Bismillah is in Which Parah?

A: 9 And 10
B: 10 And 11
C: 11 And 12
D: 12 And 13
Answer: B
Islamic Studies Ahmed


All of the following can be signs that a child is gifted, except

A: Easy retention of facts
B: Uneasy relationships with peers.
C: Interest in encyclopaedias and dictionaries
D: Early development of a sense of time
Answer: B
Pedagogy -> Child Development Pedagogy Muhammad Idrees


Identify country which made first constitution in the world

A: China
B: Russia
C: France
Answer: D
General Knowledge Tania


Who is the founder of Yahoo

A: Hisashige Tanaka
B: Jerry Yang and David Filo
C: Bill Hewlett and David Packard
D: Bill Gates
Answer: B
General Knowledge Tania


The total number of elements are discovered:

A: 78
B: 90
C: 99
D: 110
Answer: D
General Science Muhammad Idrees


The highest mountain of KPK is

A: K-2
B: Tirch Mir
C: Nanga Parbat
D: All of them
Answer: B
Pakistan Studies Alina


GPS is an abbreviation for

A: Global Poles System
B: Global PolySiliconium Store
C: Global Positioning System
D: Global Position Structure
Answer: C
General Knowledge Maham