11th Class Physics Chapter The Scope of Physics MCQs:

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Who invented pin hole camera?

A: Ibn-e-Sina
B: Ibn-al-Haitham
C: Al-Beruni
D: Al-Razi
Answer: B


Al-Baruni is famous for finding out The :

A: Distance of Moon from Earth
B: Distance of the Earth
C: Mass of Earth
D: Cercumfrence of the Earth
Answer: D


dimension of impulse are same as

A: velocity
B: acceleration
C: momentum
D: force
Answer: D
hamza khan


Candela is a unit of:

A: Mass
B: Force
C: Velocity
D: Luminous intensity
Answer: D


The density of metal was determined by:

A: Al Beruni
B: Jabir-bin-Hayan
C: Dr. Abdul salam
D: Al Bathani
Answer: A


The unit of spring constant K are:

A: Newton per meter
B: Newton-sec
C: Joule-meter
D: Joule-sec
Answer: A